The advantages and disadvantages of living in a country – Zalety i wady życia na wsi po angielsku

Zalety i wady życia na wsi po angielsku:

Living in the country has many advantages and disadvantages. It seems that it is a good choice. Many people cannot imagine their life without contact with nature and peace. Unfortunately, they have not as much opportunities as people from cities.

First of all, people who live in the country are healthier. Air isn’t polluted. Everywhere there are trees and plants. You can feel peaceful. There is no rush. It causes that people in the country live longer than people in cities.

Secondly, if you are a farmer, you have a job all the time. Agriculture is very important for each land. In your own garden, you can plant natural plants. They are healthy and you don’t have to spend money on such products.

On the other hand, there are many inconveniences connected with country life. Shops are open shorther time than in a big city. There isn’t a great choice.

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